Sunday, October 4, 2009

A scary low.

Today we were at my parents' house like we are most Sundays. Sunday afternoons are really the only time I get to "relax" a bit with the help of my parents and take a quick nap. Especially lately. Well, while I napped, my dad took Alyssa outside to pick a pumpkin and play a bit. He rushed inside after some time with Alyssa in his arms and yelled at us to get up. He laid Alyssa on the ground. Alyssa was pale white - no color to her at all. She usually has rosy cheeks and beautifully pink lips, but not then. My dad said she told him she was hungry, he said to her ok let's go get something to eat... well, she started walking immediately to the house and so he followed her, and then she stopped and said, "I'm too tired to walk Papa." He had to scoop her up in his arms and hurried inside to us.

I took her blood sugar immediately - 51. TOO LOW. Scary low.

We fed her 23 carbs immediately with some Craisins. Almost too tired to chew but she did - and as soon as she was eating, she started gaining her color back. 15 minutes later I checked her blood sugar again - it had shot up to 104. Good. I let her continue to eat, checked her sugar after a half an hour - 285. I decided to give her some insulin to bring her down to a safer number. Well, apparently that didn't do much of a trick because before dinner she was 385. Too high.

Too high. Too low. Diabetes is a juggling act.

On another note, I recently made friends online with another mom with a Diabetic child. I read her blog and saw this youtube video posted and made my a mom of yet another Diabetic child. Check it out - it really sums it up.

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  1. Michaela,
    I am Donna's friend Kathy. Your Blogs are an inspiration to read. Your faith and hope is being tested yet you know your foundation of Christ will keep you strong. I know Donna has probably shared with you the both my girls Sarah and Susan have diabetes as does their dad. Diabetes is a juggling act and each day holds new challenges. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. I know Donna sent you the JDF website. There is a lot of good info for the schools onthere. The bottom line is that Alyssa has a right to a free and appropriate education, that is the law! If I can be of any help to you, don't hesitate to ask. You are an incredible mom of an incredible girl.