Saturday, October 3, 2009

5 going on 25

This morning my 5 year old daughter told me, "Mom, I want to do my own finger prick. I'm a big girl and big girls do their own finger pricks." I cocked the pen, she took it, pricked her own finger, I helped get the test strip into her meter, she sucked up the blood with the meter and read me her blood sugar number!

And then after lunch today she tells me she wants to do her own insulin shot. I nervously say, "Really? Ok..." I'm not going to discourage her but wow. I put the proper amount of insulin into the syringe, pinch the back of her arm for her, and she takes the needle, sticks it into her arm, gives the insulin and pulls it out and exclaims, "I did it!"

She's 5. She's flippin' amazing!!!

And another note, here's my cuties watching Saturday morning cartoons cuddled together in one of our recliners. Christian likes to wear the least amount of clothes possible at ALL times. :)


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  1. She sure is amazing! Giving herself a shot? Alyssa, I wish I was as strong and brave as you are!
    Michaela, your "about me" brought tears to my eyes! A couple days ago, Carly explained to me how pearls are made. Maybe I'd learned it before but I had forgotten. What a beautiful way to describe Alyssa!