Thursday, October 22, 2009

A birthday party

So I didn't even think about this at the time, but now that's upon us, I know realize that I cannot leave Alyssa even for a birthday party! With her starting this new school, she has 2 little friends that she talks about constantly, Mia and Makaila (like my name but only it sounds like you're saying it with a southern accent!) Makaila's 6th birthday party is this Saturday and Alyssa of course wants to go. So we'll go, and I'll stay and make sure she gets the insulin she needs and make sure she doesn't go low while jumping on the bouncing castle they're planning to have as well.

Diabetes makes things so much more difficult. Ugh.

How I took for granted being able to take the kids to a birthday party, have them run around, eat cake and not even think twice about it. I mean, who does?

A mom of a Diabetic. That's who.

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