Saturday, October 10, 2009


It may be too soon to say but I think we might be in the beginnings of the honeymoon phase. For those who don't know about the honeymoon phase in Diabetes, here's an explanation:

At first diagnosis, many people experience what is known as “the honeymoon phase.” The honeymoon or remission phase occurs after blood glucose levels have been brought under control and is characterized by a decrease in insulin doses. The length of a honeymoon period is variable (days, weeks, months, and rarely—years), and not everyone has one. As a general rule, the younger the patient at diagnosis, the shorter the “honeymoon.”

They say it can last anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 years. Alyssa's blood sugars have been the most stable in the past 2 days then they've been since she got diagnosed. It doesn't mean we do less blood sugar checks, and it doesn't mean that she doesn't get insulin anymore - just considerably less!

Oh another note, Alyssa starts her first day at her NEW school on Monday. She's nervous but I'm sure she'll do great. Now I just wonder how I'M going to do with her being away from me and me not being there to care and watch her!

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  1. Michaela,
    Just keep your faith and know that HE is in control and Alyssa will do great at her new school. Your all in my thoughts and prayer.