Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New school

So we finally (after almost 3 weeks being out) are getting Alyssa back in school! She will start at Brouillet Elementary we're hoping next week. It all depends on how fast we can get everything set up. I filled out all her enrollment paperwork (who would have thought my daughter would have TWO first days of kindergarten?) and tomorrow we're meeting with the nurse to discuss Alyssa's health plan. With Alyssa going only half days it shouldn't be such a big deal, but every other Wednesday she'll go in the mornings and stay for lunch.

Alyssa will be the only one in the entire school (and it's not a small school) that is a Diabetic. It helps to know that the administrative staff is very nice there, the nurse is wonderful, and all will know (and certainly love) my daughter. Therefore there will be many eyes on her during the day. Still, it will be hard sending her off into someone else's care when the day comes.

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