Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The kids on Easter

Alyssa with her Easter basket
Christian Easter 2010

Here are pictures of the kids on Easter! I have more when they were dying eggs with me and daddy, so I'll post those later. :)

Easter was wonderful. We dyed eggs on Saturday (Christian thought we were "killing the eggs"), on Sunday morning the kids found their Easter baskets. Alyssa got a new Wii game called "World of Zoo" (she's so into video games, any sort of game really!), a chocolate Easter bunny and some sugarfree gum. Christian got a new Diego toy (he plays make believe with things a lot more than Alyssa does), a chocolate Easter bunny and sugarfree gum. The Easter bunny left them candy in their eggs, except for Alyssa, she got money. The darn Easter bunny though, hid 10 eggs for each of the kids and we could only find 19! That Easter bunny... forgets where he hides his own eggs... sheesh...

Afterwards we headed to church for a wonderful service with Papa Dave and Nana. Papa Roger was unfortunately out of town on business. Afterwards we headed to Nana's house and had a wonderful, big breakfast, watched "The 10 Commandments" and then later in the day we took the kids with Papa Dave to see "How to Train Your Dragon" in 3D. Very good movie!!!

It was a wonderful Easter, and a wonderful celebration of the selfless love of our Lord, sending His son to bridge the gap between Himself and us. Thank God for that.

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  1. Ah.....what a beautiful family...Easter Service is always so energizing!!!! HE IS RISEN!!!!!!!!