Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Diabetes Awareness month...

Here are some facts about Type 1 Diabetes, Please read!

Diabetes Fact #30: Diabetes sucks, but, we have the BEST support network EVER.

Diabetes Fact #29: It is important to know and understand the signs of a HIGH blood sugar for a person with T1 Diabetes.

Diabetes Fact #28: The siblings of people with T1 Diabetes are AMAZING.

Diabetes Fact #27: Knowing the signs of a LOW blood sugar and how to treat the low can save someone's life!

Diabetes Fact #26: Adults and children with T1 Diabetes are incredibly BRAVE and STRONG.

Diabetes Fact #25:A Diabetes diagnosis can put strain on the marriage of the person with T1 (for adults) or for the parents of the child diagnosed.

Diabetes Fact #24:Complications from out of range blood sugars with T1 Diabetics are very real and very worrisome to those living with the disease (and their parents/loved ones).

Diabetes Fact #23:The only thing constant with Diabetes, is that nothing stays the same.

Diabetes Fact #22:Diabetes is a family disease and affects every person in the family, near and far.

Diabetes Fact #21:Having Type 1 Diabetes means finger pokes 8-10 times per day (or more) and YES that means using BLOOD to do this.

Diabetes Fact #20:Despite always injecting the proper amount of insulin, people with type 1 Diabetes face many other factors that can adversely affect efforts to tightly control blood sugar levels. These factors include stress, hormonal changes, periods of growth, physical activity, medications, illness/infection, fatigue, and EVERYTHING they do or don't do every.single.day.

Diabetes Fact #19: T1 Diabetes is a 24/7/365 disease. It NEVER sleeps and neither do the parents of the children who have it (or the T1 people themselves).

Diabetes Fact #18: T1 Diabetes can happen to ANYONE, it is not necessarily hereditary. This means that yes, it CAN happen to YOU or to someone YOU know.

Diabetes Fact #17: People with T1 or T2 Diabetes (and their caregivers) are more likely to experience depression than their peers without Diabetes.

Diabetes Fact #16: The out of pocket cost of managing T1 Diabetes is EXPENSIVE.

Diabetes Fact #15: Having Type 1 and getting an illness (especially a tummy bug) CAN be dangerous.

Diabetes Fact #14: Without insulin, a person with T1 Diabetes would DIE within ONE week.

Diabetes Fact #13: Type 1 Diabetes usually strikes children, adolescents, and young adults, but it CAN be diagnosed in adults as well.

Diabetes Fact #12: It is important for families of Diabetic children or the people with Diabetes themselves to genuinely try to understand what we go through, to learn about Diabetes along with us, and to support us through encouraging comments.

Diabetes Fact #11: Diabetes is ALL consuming. It is NOT our life, but it is a HUGE part of it.

Diabetes Fact #10: Parents of children with Diabetes HATE when people say "I could NEVER do it!" when referring to the management of their kid's disease. In reality, YOU could, and WOULD do it if you HAD to. We probably had the same thoughts as you and now look at us, doing it 24/7.

Diabetes Fact #9: The term "Juvenile Diabetes" is outdated. We now call it "T1 Diabetes" or "Insulin Dependent Diabetes". People with this type of Diabetes will NEVER outgrow it. EVER. They will have this relentless disease until a CURE is found.

Diabetes Fact #8: A cure would be great, but a long life without complications is a close second for people with T1 Diabetes.

Diabetes Fact #7: Diabetes kills more people each year than cancer and AIDS combined. It is serious. We NEED a cure!

Diabetes Fact #6: While people with T1 Diabetes strive for blood glucose (BG) numbers from 80-120, it is NOT uncommon to see numbers MUCH lower or MUCH higher. There are SO many factors that go into each number and it is very challenging to see readings that are “in range” for EVERY reading.

Diabetes Fact #5: Type 1 Diabetes strikes 15,000 children every year in the US. That's 40 children per day. On July 10, 2008 The Superhero was one of the 40. Today, it could be YOUR child, or someone you know. This is why it is SO important to take the time to learn about the disease.

Diabetes Fact #4: Type 1 Diabetics may take insulin through syringes, insulin pens, or insulin pumps. What they use is a reflection of their choice and/or finances, NOT disease severity.

Diabetes Fact #3: People with Diabetes CAN eat anything they want as long as they match the carbohydrates with insulin.

Diabetes Fact #2: T1 Diabetes is NOT caused by eating too much sugar or being over weight. It IS an autoimmune disease and cannot be prevented.

Diabetes Fact #1: T1 Diabetes CANNOT be treated with medication. The only way to manage T1 Diabetes is with insulin. Without insulin, T1 Diabetics would die. Period.

I got this from another wonderful D mom, check our her blog!


Friday, November 5, 2010

Monitoring continiously

Soooo Alyssa got onto a CGM (continious glucose monitor) for a 6 day period where we were able to store up to 288 blood sugars a day (isn't that amazing?!) and see what Alyssa's numbers were doing. Well, go figure the second we get her on a CGM her blood sugars are amazing every time we check! But that's a good thing. :) I think the stress with our move... Alyssa losing her kitty cat... starting a new school, new friends may have made those sugars go up and now she's kind of relaxing and things are going well. The only adjustments made after the results of the CGM were viewed was adding a little bit more insulin to her basal rates between the 4 pm-9 pm hour. She seems to spike immediately after dinner and we always need to adjust her high sugar with some insulin before I go to bed so around 11 pm or so.

One day a continious glucose monitor will hopefully talk to her insulin pump and we won't have to worry about those finger checks 8-10 times a day! Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Halloween was awesome this year... the kids had a blast and the kids picked 5 pieces of candy to keep, ate 1 or 2 Halloween night and that was IT. I'm really proud of my husband, myself and my kids - we've really cut out the bad eating this passed year. That's the one positive thing Diabetes has brought to our life - a realization that eating that fast food and sugary stuff really does nothing GOOD for your body - it screws it up and makes you feel right down yucky!

As a result my kids are healthier and happier. My husband has lost weight and looks awesome, and I've lost weight and am able to keep up with all my Zumba teaching. We feel great!

Now we have the holidays to look foward to. And this year... things are looking more hopeful. I remember Diabetic mommies telling me it would get "more normal" and "easier" and the truth of having a Type 1 Diabetic child isn't that it gets easier... or just normal... but that you learn to live. And you learn to really live, and you know that nothing - not even diabetes - will stop you and most definitely - it will NOT stop your child from their dreams. We can't let it.

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10